W R 2.0 is now LIVE!

The original site data has been moved to a new domain, and all your information has been preserved. Active PAs continue to earn until they mature at which time you can request RA's.

ALL of your RAs, PAs, etc. are exactly where they were, in the OLD system, NOT in the new W R 2.0 system. But all PAs done from this point forward will be in the NEW system.

GO to this link http://www.wealthrising2point-o.net/login to get to your OLD account. PLEASE share this with everybody on your team.

This link https://wealthrising.net is the DEFAULT link we have always used, which is now W R 2.0

Welcome to NEW Wealth Rising 2.0 in Bitcoin (W R 2.0)

W R is Global Cooperative Member to Member Assistance Project. we welcome you to be part of something extraordinary.


Step 1: Create An Account

Setup your 2 FA account login security which only takes a few minutes.

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Step 2: Provide Assistance (PA)

W R offers 4 plans to choose from. You can participate in any and or all 4 plans.

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Step 3: Request Assistance (RA)

Submitting an RA is a simple process. See the tutorial videos and the How it Works page.

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About WealthRising (WR)

We invite you to join our unique Global Cooperative Mutual Financial Assistance Community that is For the people By the people. The WR Community is an evolving project that is always changing shape through careful consideration of the ideas and suggestions submitted. That is right YOUR voice is heard and changes are voted upon by the membership!

Our aim is to provide the vehicle which the members can utilize to Provide Assistance (PA) and Request Assistance (RA) within the community. Wealth Rising features a unique Community Reserve Fund (CRF) which helps with the stability and longevity of the project.

Come, be an intricate part of this Global phenomenon, where your participation along with others, will help hundreds of thousands of people perhaps millions throughout the world.

W R Comp Plan

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Compensation plan for Builders

You can earn additional income by simply introducing new members to the W R community.

  • W R features a unique reverse order referral reward structure.
  • Please see the How it Works page for more details
  • W R 2.0 in Bitcoin makes our project more attractive and more rewarding for the participants.
  • Free replicated website
  • Free marketing material
  • Live Support via the member's back office

Updates and Announcements

W R Update May 27th.

W R 2.0 in Bitcoin makes our project more attractive and more rewarding for the participants.


Enhancements have been made in Wealth Rising 2.0 to help our members in the community. The How It Works page has been updated with a new look and to reflect the new plans.

When you create a NEW PA, the CRF is now the 1st contribution to make when a member make the payments. Then you make payment to the remaining RA OR RA’s that your PA may be matched with.Other than that, you will see no other change in the PA process.

Your Net Gain remains the same as per the new plans and you will NOT have to come out of pocket again for the CRF as that is now part of the new PA's!

We would like to encourage more and more of our fellow participants to spread the Skype room links whereby more and more can get the updates a lot easier plus be on the same page and have the opportunity to take part in the brainstorming sessions we often do and will continue doing in thee Skype chat room.

Please share the links with your teams and post in Face Book or where ever you have referrals.

This is the READ ONLY Skype room link: https://join.skype.com/lYPvPxB6hywg

This chat room link: https://join.skype.com/LB5frBO83xQk

Thanks for your support! The Wealth Rising Team

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