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W R is Global Cooperative Member to Member Assistance Project. we welcome you to be part of something extraordinary.

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How it works

  • Step 1: Choose your plan

  • Step 2: Provide Assistance

  • Step 3: Once your package matures you can Request Assistance (RA)!

Note that Wealth Rising uses a unique Community Reserve Fund (CRF) system which serves an insurance policy to honor RA's within 48 hours. The Optimizer and Maximizer packages grow at an extra 20% and 25% respectively which must be contributed to the CRF. For example, a Maximizer account actually grows by 75% in 30 days but you must contribute 25% of the growth to the CRF leaving you with 50% Net Gain. There is 10% CRF contribution required for Kick-starter on all PA of $120 or more.

If You're Looking for a "Sign" Then This Is It. Your Search is Over.

100% Passive Income

W R features a unique reverse order referral commissions structure

If you are an internet marketing professional or simply want some extra income, then join Wealth Rising. You can earn an additional income in referral commissions and leader bonuses by simply introducing new members to the program. Here is what you get.

  • Commissions of 2% paid on levels 1 & 2, 3% paid on level 3 and 5% paid on level 4.

  • Additional 5% bonus paid on level 1 for those qualifying as leaders (12 direct referrals with an active PA of $100 or more each).

  • Free replicated website

  • Free marketing material

  • Support

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