What Is Wealth Rising (W R)

Wealth Rising is a private Global cooperative mutual assistance Platform created by entrepreneurs and intended to be By the people and For the people for the purpose of providing and requesting financial assistance with fellow members within the Wealth Rising community.

Is Wealth Rising A Company, Business Or Corporation?

No. It's not a business, it's a private Global community

How Can I Participate?

Please contact the person who invited you and follow his or her referral link.
Please be sure to check the How It Works page for details.

Can I Have More Than One Account?

No, you can only have one account. Click on the Terms button on the footer for more details.

How Do I Introduce People To Wealth Rising.

Share your referral link to introduce people to Wealth Rising.
Your referral link will be shown in your back office once you have paid the $2 onetime account seetup fee.

Is Wealth Rising Available Worldwide?

Yes, Wealth Rising is 100% free to join and available worldwide.

Are There Any Fees?
The only fee is onetime account seetup fee.

What Payment Processors Can I Use?

Bitcoin ONLY.

Can I Change My Sponsor?

No, you will not be allowed to change your sponsor except under special circumstances.

Can I Edit My Profile?

Yes, you can edit/change everything in your profile (Except your Username and your Bitcoin wallet ID) however you will need to ensure you confirm the changes you made by clicking on a link in an email sent to the email you used when registering.  IF you did NOT make those changes then do NOT confirm but instead contact support immediately.

Can I Get A Refund?

No. Refunds are not possible. The funds go directly member to member. When registering your account, you agreed to the terms and conditions of Wealth Rising.

1: When Will I Get Paid? 2: And How will I Get Paid?

1: That depends on the package you selected. You can do a RA (Request Assistance) when the package matures.
2: The system will match your RA (Request Assistance) with a member that does a PA (Provide Assistance) The member doing a PA will send the funds directly to your Bitcoin wallet.

Is Recruiting Required?

No recruiting is required however:
If you chose to help the community grow you will be rewarded with referral commissions.

Can I Earn Referral Commissions and Leader Bonuses?

Yes, you can.
Up to 12% referral commissions in 4 levels.
And 5% Leader bonuses on your first level.

How Can I Qualify For Leader Bonuses?

You need a minimum of 12 active personally sponsored referrals that have a PA for a minimum of $100 or more.
Active means having a current active package with a minimum of $100 running at all times.

What is the Community Reserve Fund (CRF)?

The CRF is a community owned wallet to which all contributions are deposited into the community reserve directly by the members.

I Have A Questions Which Is Not Answered Here?

1: View the videos on the home page.

2: Go to the How It Works page also, contact your Sponsor.

3: Or submit ONE support ticket ONLY. We do our best to respond to all tickets effectively and in a timely manner, but patience is necessary.  Live Support is now open.